Eldar Zaitov

Email (GPG 46E531AE : 2EAA 07E1 ... 31AE) / Jabber (OTR): eldar @ kyprizel.net
twitter / flickr / instagram

From time to time I play CTFs with More Smoked Leet Chicken and LC↯BC
and I'm the maintainer of CTFtime.org.

My talks:

DEF CON 24 Crypto & Privacy Village: Managing digital code signing in an engineering company
Defcon Russia: Certificate Transparency FTW
ZeroNights 2015: Our experience of web application security scanning automatization [rus]
ZeroNights 2014: Fast (and almost automatic) SSRF detection
Yet another Conference 2014: TLS deployment in big environments
RuCTF 2013: Attack log analysis for vulnerability detection [rus]
Defcon Russia: Experience of participating in "A month of searching for Yandex vulnerabilities" [video]

Some stuff:

Molly Scanner extension turns BurpSuite into headless web vulnerability scanner
Linux HID Gadget (USBArmory) compatible FIDO U2F token implementation
Certificate Transparency Log monitoring tool

More code on GitHub.

Old stuff:

TACK support for Nginx SSL module
Nginx testcookie DDoS mitigation module
Packet fragmentation support for BoNeSi
RSA keyfinder script for IDA